A word about facing fears without liquid courage

7 Jan

Realizing that I wouldn’t be able to have alcohol on my birthday this month was more of an inconvenience than a disappointment.  When you live in an apartment, one of the easiest ways to get everyone together for your birthday is by convening at a bar.  Doing so when I can’t drink myself seems a bit silly.  I enjoy drinking from time to time but no longer feel any particular need to celebrate my birthday by getting sloshed (must be due to the final development of that prefrontal cortex – rationality: I don’t need to drink to have fun; therefore I can have fun without needing to drink!  If only all logic problems were this straight forward…)  Facing fears without a little “liquid courage” is a different matter, however.  My parents have been in bands since before I was born (in fact that’s how they met), but being the center of attention when I’m actually trying to be good at something has never been my strong suit.  My defense mechanisms come out with a vengeance.  I’ve always been a perfectionist (ask my parents how many perfectly good pieces of paper I insisted on throwing away when I wasn’t satisfied with my handwriting on assignments).  Understanding that I was going to be singing during a bar gig for the first time in my life without the option of sipping some vodka beforehand got me thinking.  I’m not afraid to act like an idiot in front of people (just ask my friends ;-)) but attempting to perform a talent I secretly pride myself on?…*shudder*.  Here’s the good news…I did it, and it was not that terrifying and incredibly fun!  I made a few mistakes and didn’t really care.  Turns out the drunks will dance no mater what! 😉  Also alcohol can dry out your vocals and isn’t generally recommended for performance days anyway.  I think that without the option of a crutch to fall back on, you gain some insight and courage that you might otherwise never have discovered in yourself.  So here’s to birthdays and facing fears with or without alcohol…life’s a party (and a short one at that), so just live it up and try not to give a damn 🙂


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