“The Diets” Update

11 Jan

I have decided (after more careful consideration) to knock off a couple more diets from my original experiment list.  I arrived at the conclusion that the diets I was most interested in pursuing are those in which a person has certain limitations not influenced by choice.  Therefore, the current list is more representative of my overall goal of the project.  This is still subject to change, but I feel more confident in the current list than I did the previous.  I merged a few of these diet concepts into larger diet concepts.  For example, while following the religious vegan diet, I will do a mini raw foods experiment rather than dedicating an entire 3 weeks to eating raw foods.  I am leaving the macrobiotic diet on this list, because it excludes nightshades.  Some people with arthritis find it necessary to limit this group of foods.  Instead of just avoiding a few vegetables for a month (which I can’t imagine sounds too exciting for ye blog followers), I will follow the macrobiotic approach to eating as a whole.  That should make for a more interesting spin on things.  I am also keeping the locavore diet as some people only have the option of eating what’s grown nearby.  For now, I am aiming to follow each diet for 1 month instead of 3 weeks.  A longer time line should allow me to get into the swing of each diet better.  Originally, I was going to spend the last 3 weeks of the year following a self-designed diet based on the findings of my research.  Instead, I am going to follow whatever diet I have left on my list!  I think it would be cheating to get to make my own decisions during the holidays, don’t you? 😉 There is more appreciation and empathy to be gained during this time than at any other time of the year!  Any suggestions or comments about these changes are welcome.


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