Family Dinner (Low-Histamine Style)

24 Jan

For my birthday, my boyfriend (Derek)’s mom (Diane) (got all that? ;-)) hosted a family dinner for me.  As luck would have it, his family is currently following a fruit and vegetable centered diet, so meshing my restrictions with theirs was less complicated than I had anticipated.  There is a clear list I have been following as to the fruits that are acceptable, and only a small handful of veggies that are off-limits.  Derek’s brother (Brad) and I share the passion (perhaps more appropriately labeled – obsession :)) of seeking out and watching documentaries about diet and health.  The movie that was recently viewed to have inspired this fruit and veg binge is called “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”.  It stars a man who undertakes a juice fast in an attempt to heal his chronic urticaria (hives).  How ironic!  Many people with chronic hives are encouraged to try a low-histamine diet to see if their symptoms improve.  I won’t spoil the ending for you, but it’s a film I recommend if you enjoy watching major self-improvement transformations take place.  Personally, I’m addicted to these types of shows.

Family Dinner (Low-Histamine Style) Menu – simple but delicious: a baked potato (which I ate with olive oil, salt, and pepper) topped with black beans and chickpeas (substance!), cooked broccoli, salad (romaine lettuce, raw onion, green pepper, celery, olive oil), and fruit salad (apple, kiwi, and coconut pieces)

After learning which fruits and vegetables I couldn’t have, Diane suggested we put those extra toppings in separate bowls.  So for those not chained to low-histamine/vegan principles, there was chopped tomato, fresh grapes, butter, and sour cream (for the taters of course).  There were also more exciting salad dressings available (vs the plain olive oil I was stuck with).  I helped to prepare the fruits and veggies and envisioned eating a slice of tomato as I cut it.  I had to make a mental note that the tomatoes were not for me and pouted a bit.  Tomatoes MAKE the salad!  Oh well.  To my surprise, the salad was still tasty without the tomatoes or any vinegar to compliment the oil.  The trick was to blend the regular salad with the fruit salad.  End result: added sweetness, texture, flavor diversity, and tang that the tomatoes and vinegar would have imparted.

The best part about this family dinner?  Derek’s awesome family making me feel welcome and not like the burden I expected to feel like.  The second best part?  The presents I received afterwards…duh! 😉

Normally when we have dinner at his parents’ place, there is some tempting dessert lurking around the corner. This delicious treat would surely mock me in my limitations!  However, since his entire immediate family is on the fruit and vegetable kick, dessert was the fruit salad prepared with low-histamine friendly fruits and coconut.  Translation = I got to have dessert with everyone!  Family Dinner (Low-Histamine Style) success!


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