Honey……Ah Sugar Sugar…

3 Feb

Day 2 without sugar.  So far so good.  I did experience some massive fatigue this afternoon, but it’s hard to tell if that was sugar withdrawal or simply due to a lack of sleep.  My sleeping habits have been a little wonky lately.  I’ve decided to make it a ritual on this blog to share what I eat the first and last day of each diet.  So here yesterday’s food log:

What I ate my first day on a yeast/mold allergy + candida restricted diet

Breakfast: Homemade hummus (YES!!!) on a brown rice cake with baby spinach and fresh parsley; handful of almonds

Midmorning snack: Smoothie made with spinach, kale, strawberries, and fresh ginger root; handful of macadamia nuts

Lunch: Mung, adzuki, & pinto beans mashed & mixed with radishes, bean sprouts, arugula, tahini, jalapeneo, & tomato – some wrapped inside a toasted Nori sheet (seaweed used for sushi), the rest eaten on top of yeast-free sprouted rye berry bread; I also had a non- “chewable” B12 supplement that I decided was now going to be “chewable”.  I just snuck it into one of the bites that I took, but I didn’t notice any awful bitter flavor at all.  Success!

Supper: My favorite food in the whole entire world! – quesadillas with avocado, black olives, red, orange, and yellow pepper, red onion, lime juice, & fresh cilantro on toasted sprouted grain tortillas.  Before I started eating vegan, this recipe included pepperjack (my favorite) cheese.  Keeping with the tradition of a fatty spicy topping, I slathered on a thick layer of a spicy macadamia nut spread [Recipe to follow!]

How about that?  Day 2 and I already have a recipe to share?  Heck yea!

Macadamia Nut Dip -(From: http://www.thecandidadiet.com/candida-recipes-soup-snacks.htm)

1 cup macadamia nuts (soaked for 2 hours)

1 med-large tomato (I used a raw tomato but the original recipe recommends roasting/steaming the tomato until it is slightly soft)

1/3 cup fresh basil leaves

1 clove of garlic

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

Juice from one small lemon

Salt to taste

Blend in a high-speed blender/food processor.  If you are using a blender, you may need to add just enough water to make everything blend nicely.

Now, back to sugar!  I have come across an impressively long list entitled “141 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health” by Nancy Appleton, PhD.  I intend to cover as many of these as I can during the month to 1) Increase awareness as to all of the health implications sugar can have.  Hint: There’s more to it than bad teeth and fat tummies & 2) Keep my inspiration high, so that the inability to eat sugar doesn’t bum me out.  We’ll need to cover about 5 a day, so let’s cover the first 10 shall we?

Reason #1: Sugar can cause tooth decay (We should all know this already which is why I wanted to just get it out of the way)

Reason #2: Sugar has been linked with asthma (This one hits home, because I was just diagnosed with asthma this past Spring)

Reason #3: Sugar can damage the pancreas


Reason #4: Sugar can raise your triglycerides (The stuff you DON’T want!)

Reason #5: Sugar can lower your HDL cholesterol (The stuff you DO want)


Reason #6: Sugar contributes to obesity (Again, this should go without saying)

Reason #7: Sugar may age our skin due to collagen changes


Reason #8: Sugar can contribute to diabetes (Duh)

Reason #9: Sugar can cause a fatty liver (fructose is metabolized here!)


Reason #10: Sugar can cause depression (I can vouch for this one.  I used to get sugar cravings so terribly that I would feel downright depressed until I could get my next fix.  Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds.)

There you have it folks.  Sugar =garbage health.  To be continued…



2 Responses to “Honey……Ah Sugar Sugar…”

  1. Aglaee February 3, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    Interesting! What version of the anti-candida are you following? Because many not only exclude sugar, but also starches. I am a dietitian myself and have been following the GAPS diet since Sept 1st to control my SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and think it is probably the best way to control candida and other yeast/fungal infections. Maybe you should add the GAPS Nutritional Protocol to your list! 😉 I was also wondering whether you thought about experimenting with the Paleo diet… in 2013 maybe? lol 😉

    • thehungryguineapig February 3, 2012 at 4:42 pm #

      Thanks for your input 🙂 It’s nice to have fellow dietitians put in their two cents. The candida diet I am following is sort of a compilation diet based on a number of books and websites I have read about the topic. All of them emphasize: NO SUGAR and LIMITED STARCHES, so I have taken this advice to heart and included both in my diet planning. I have heard about the GAPS diet and found it intriguing. However, I wanted to pick diets that mostly focus only on the exclusion of certain foods. I understand that part of the GAPS protocol involves the inclusion of specific foods, such as bone-based broths. I made this decision mostly to make the planning easier on myself. I plan to include a mini Paleo diet during the course of my locavore diet. I have started to feel pretty awesome eating a plant-based diet while taking digestive enzymes and probiotics, so I didn’t want to commit to a full month of meat-heavy eating in case I don’t feel so hot on it. I am curious to see how it goes though. And who knows? Maybe there will be further dietary explorations in 2013 that include both of these diets. Only time will tell 😉

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