I Triple-Dog-Dare You to Watch “Earthlings”

12 Mar

What better time to gauge the horrors of the homo sapien than while in the midst of an ahimsa diet?  I recently had a conversation with someone (Sydney’s health store employee perhaps?) about the documentary “Earthlings”.  Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, this movie is nicknamed “the vegan maker” based on its coverage of animal cruelty in all of its existing facets: domestication, food, clothing, sports/entertainment, & research.  The person I spoke with mentioned that “Food Inc” was a Disney movie compared to the unveiling in this film.

I had to see it for myself.

‘Twas horrific indeed! [Think “Saw”…only you want the characters to survive ;-)]

In the past, I would have written off the premise as “vegan propaganda”.  However, the more I delve into my own philosophy towards the human exploitation of animals, the further convinced I become that the brainwashing has already taken place.  The concept of people having any perceived right to determine a creature’s worth is downright outrageous.  In the end, it’s all up to mother nature.  Last I checked, we haven’t received a letter from ma granting us jurisdiction over the remainder of her inhabitants.  She may get sick of our shenanigans sooner rather than later if we don’t shape up and start respecting nature.

If racism and sexism are so wrong, what makes speciesism forgivable?  If the idea of dog fighting or dolphin meat makes your stomach turn, why doesn’t the forced separation of a mother from her calf?  If intelligence is so gosh darn important, is it okay to treat mentally handicapped individuals as lesser than?  I hate to sound like the broken record of a 16 year old “non-conformist” punk, but please do “think for yourself” and “question authority”.  Embrace the idea that if something feels inherently wrong, cultural traditions aside, it probably is.

I am not asking you to become a vegan.  I am simply challenging you to at least explore the notion that ignorant bliss is not the key to an evolving society.  If my discussion of the Jain diet has inspired any fasting virgins to take the plunge, might I suggest you watch “Earthlings” the same day?  I promise you won’t want to munch on popcorn while it’s on.



[No animals (such as triple dogs?) were harmed in the formulation of this provocation. 😉 I had to make at least a couple of jokes (otherwise this post would be too damn depressing!)…

Did you check out my rhymes? “Key” -> “society”; “formulation” -> “provocation” – I should be a rapper: ‘Lil Hungry Guinea Pig (H.G.P) up in the hizzouse!  I had to add “hizzouse” to my computer dictionary?  Go figure! Get with the times technology! 🙂  Okay I lied.  Multiple jokes were necessary to lighten the mood.]


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