Cricket Reprise: FructMal Farewell

3 May

April 30th was my last day with FructMal.  My general strategy for the month was as follows: I tried to stick with 3 concentrated acceptable sources of fructose a day as long as they were spread out at least 2 hours apart.  A concentrated source would be 1/2 cup allowed fruit, 1.5 TBSP of sugar, or a combination of the two.  For example, I would often add a 1/3 cup of strawberries and blueberries along with a tsp or two of sugar to my oatmeal.  The tiny amounts of fructose in my 80% dark chocolate pieces, spritzes of lemon juice, and potato chips, for example, were considered discretionary and not included in my concentrated allowance.

Sins to confess: There were a couple of occasions in which I ate slightly more sugar/fruit at one sitting than I should have.  This wasn’t really on purpose, however.  It was (mostly) oversight.  I miscalculated and didn’t realize it until after the fact.  I got a bit lazy towards the end of the month.  I also had a couple of careless moments where I assumed something was safe without making absolutely sure beforehand.  I had some theater popcorn and flavored coffee without proper prior ingredient analysis.  My only saving grace here is that I had both of these items on the weekend when I had nothing to do and nowhere to be.  The golden rule of pushing your limits, as verified by my ally, is to do so on the weekend.  That way if any symptoms surface, you pay the price but are more in control of the situation.

What I ate my last day with FructMal:

*Breakfast: Oatmeal with a little less than 1/2 cup of mixed strawberries, blueberries, & pineapple with ground chia & hemp seeds, pecan milk, pumpkin pie spice, 1 brazil nut (I’ve been eating one a day to boost my selenium intake) & 1 small chunk of 80% dark chocolate (startin’ the day off right!)

*Snack: [After 2 hour window between fructose sources] Small portion of pineapple and strawberry slices (~1/3 cup) + trail mix (picked out roasted almonds, peanuts, & cashews, leaving the raisins and M&Ms behind)

*Lunch: [After 2 hour window between fructose sources] Roasted root vegetables (sweet potatoes, beets, parsnips, & carrots) mixed with fried “gatta” (remember those delicious chickpea dumplings from the Jain diet?  Holy Yum!), & chopped rainbow swiss chard & fennel greens; 2 pineapple cornbread muffins with Earth Balance “butter”; 1 small chunk of 80% dark chocolate

Afternoon temptation: Special K bars were served at a work event.  I’ve been craving these for awhile.  I toyed with the idea of just giving in and adding it to my list of “sins to confess”.  I also had the irrational thought of eating it exactly at midnight, as if a void of time existed between 12AM & 12:01AM making the restrictions of either diet irrelevant.  Haha…what a nut I am! 🙂 I felt slightly vulnerable to the craving madness and was actually saved more by my factory vegan convictions than that of the diet restrictions.  I could take it home and eat it later otherwise.  I figured if I had FructMal and knew there were to be real consequences after eating such a blatant morsel of gut rot, I had the mindset on that day that I would have probably just suffered in the privacy of my own home.  Food addictions can be vicious enough to convince you to donate your body’s comfort & health for it’s cause.  All brain torment aside, I didn’t eat one.  Kudos to me!

*Supper: Leftover roasted root vegetables + 1/2 baked potato mixed with a small amount of spinach, mushrooms, and chili beans; 1 more pineapple cornbread muffin with “butter” [Those muffins were so frickin’ delicious!  I would share the recipe but…I think my house ate it, because it’s nowhere to be found at the moment.  It’s from Blissful Bites (where that awesome lentil soup recipe came from).  The only changes you need to make it FructMal friendly is to use butter/oil instead of applesauce and white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar.  Check it out!]

Binges:  In April, I was all about the salt!  Salty potato chips, tortilla chips, and popcorn.  Nummy!

Lessons Learned:  I touched on the social consequences of following a special diet in my “BBQs, Wedding Cake, & Easter Pie” post.  Another point I’d like to address is the daily mental torment of calculating your allowances and the corresponding stress it brings.  Obviously, where allergies exist, there is no such thing as an “allowance”.  However, for a condition such as FructMal where your symptoms are dependent on the total fructose load, there was a constant tally going on in my head.  Since I had this much sugar with breakfast and this much fruit with lunch, is there any leeway left over for supper?  Then there’s the fun of explaining why you could have pineapple for breakfast but none with supper (because the daily allowance was already met!)

Shout out!: I have an amplified respect for my ally whom I already had a ridiculous amount of respect for.  Especially after my experience at Easter, I feel as though someone living with FructMal on a daily basis deserves a medal.  To my ally: Here’s looking at you, kid! (P.S. Hope you are enjoying the maple syrup ;-))

Next post: “May Eats: Feingold Diet for ADHD”…Coming soon!


One Response to “Cricket Reprise: FructMal Farewell”

  1. DAD May 3, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

    I appreciate your last few comments. That was my question…how do you keep track ?…and what a pain to have to do that. Ok, I’m spoiled with no allegies, I can see that. It gave me an appreciation for those that have to battle with this all the time. Well done, Grasshopper. What’s next?

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