Feingold Wrap-Up

1 Jun

Today was my last day following the Feingold approach.  Comparatively, this diet was easy peasy.  It would have been even easier if I had bought the program materials, but I’m too frugal & where is the fun in that?  I already felt like I had my work cut out for me only having to avoid certain additives and a few fruits & vegetables.  “Stage One” is generally followed for 4-6 weeks.  “Stage Two” consists of adding salicylate-containing foods back into the diet one at a time to see if behavior worsens.  A life without berries would be sad indeed, but a life without artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors is a worthy goal for anyone.

Sins to confess:  A friend of mine made ginger ale for our housewarming party.  The sugar used may/may not have been bleached, and I’m not entirely sure whether or not this would be acceptable.  Since I didn’t buy the official program, it’s possible (but not very likely) that I consumed some unacceptable foods.    The only processed foods I consumed were simple foods with limited ingredients such as sunflower seeds.

What I ate my last day on the Feingold program:

*Breakfast: Oatmeal with chopped papaya and banana pieces, brazil nuts, chia seeds, unsweetened soy milk & cinnamon

*Snack: Unsweetened soy milk; banana with peanut butter

*Lunch:Wild rice with raw peas, spinach, arugula, mushrooms, nutritional yeast flakes, chives, bean sprouts, navy beans, and salmon (I’ve been having episodes of insatiable hunger lately & have been attempting to quell them with some animal protein)

*Supper: Same as lunch + lemon juice and peanut butter (don’t knock it til ya try it!) +corn on the cob and a sweet potato

*Unnecessary after-supper mini-binge: unsalted blue corn tortilla chips (too many)  I avoid buying snacky type foods, because I tend to eat them in ridiculous quantities when I do.  I can polish off a bag of Pita Chips and container of hummus in 2 days.  Somehow, corn chips keep showing up in my kitchen no matter how many times I tell Derek to hide this garbage from me!  I was stuffed from supper but rationalized the chip binge by reminding myself that crunchy foods would soon be a non-option. (See June diet)

Binges:  CORN CHIPS!!!  Sugary desserts (In Feb. & March, sugar was off the menu.  In April, it was restricted.  Needless to say, I was ready to get my hands on some sweets!  I made a bunch for the party and felt so crummy for days afterwards that I’ve been avoiding sugar (by choice!) since then.

Lessons Learned: believe a person wishing to try the Feingold diet could gauge meaningful results with/without purchasing the official program.  However, I also think that the program would be more practical for anyone who plans to follow the Feingold diet over the long term.  For example, I avoided restaurants and questionable additives due to a lack of info.  The Feingold Association consults with companies to create customized shopping lists that are updated yearly.  It’s worth looking into for anyone who suspects they might benefit from such a dietary approach.

June: Dysphagia diet + 1 week mini-raw foods experiment. Post with details coming soon 🙂 …


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