Survey Says!

7 Jul

First of all, I feel I should mention that the noted copper content of my city’s water supply was wrong in the previous post.  A coworker of mine pointed out that I am a dum-dum. 🙂 She put it more tactfully of course, mentioning a suspicion that I read the chart wrong.  Sure did!  It turns out the copper content of my city’s water is only 0.08 ppm!  Since it’s less than 0.1 ppm (the recommended upper tolerable level), I’m good to go without the help of my water filter.  This should make things a tad easier.  Prior to this revelation, I was being conscientious about carrying filtered water with me, questioning whether or not I could drink from water fountains.


Even though I know more than 2 people read this blog, only 2 decided to offer their 2 cents in regards to my posted survey. (Thanks Dad and Abby :))  As for the rest of you, if you had an opinion you should have shared it, because the polls have closed!  Here’s how the remainder of the diets are going to go down…

I have decided to stretch the allergy diet over 2 months time.  However, I will have 2 slips of paper with the allergy notation on it, so that the months may be split up.  I will draw 1 plant food and 1 animal food to be allergic to per 2 week block.   For example, the first 2 weeks of the first month I may avoid all soy and shellfish.  The first 2 weeks of the second month I may avoid all wheat and egg products.

I have also decided to add the standard diabetic diet to my experiment roster.  Originally, I was avoiding this for two reasons.  #1 – I have been focusing on diets that specifically exclude certain foods.  No foods have to be excluded on a diabetic diet, just moderated & accounted for.  #2 – I am lazy!  It seemed easier to just avoid certain foods than to take the active approach of carb counting.  However, I feel as though it must be done!  Diabetes is increasingly common among all age groups, and the exchange list program (which includes carb counting) is what dietitians use to help diabetic clients.  If we expect these folks to implement such lifestyle changes,  it seems necessary that I undertake this challenge!  The mini paleo diet experiment will take place the final week of this month.

The locavore and macrobiotic diets are less therapeutic-oriented and are therefore going to be condensed into mini experiments.  I will carry out a 1 week locavore diet at the end of this month (possibly combining the Wilson’s disease criteria into its restrictions).  I will undergo the 1 week macrobiotic approach whenever convenient, perhaps during the gluten-free trial.

An updated summary of these changes can be found under “The Diets” tab.


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