Eat Where You Live – Life as a Locavore

5 Aug (Thanks Abby ;-))

As we are well into August by now, it’s obvious I’ve completed my short locavore trial.  Here’s the recap:

Cravings experienced:  Frozen bananas dipped in carob powder.  I was just getting used to this daily treat!

Sins to confess:  None!

Here’s what I ate my last day on the locavore diet:

Breakfast: Wild rice with Swedish brown beans (grown in the Red River Valley!)  topped with “granola” made out of ground flax seeds, butter, & honey.  YUM!

Lunch:   Boiled red potato with butter (I know that’s not a meal.  I was running late for work. 😦 )

Supper: 2 egg omelet served over (butter) fried veggie blend (red potato, zucchini, peas, & tomato)

3 of my Favorite Local Recipes

Chicken & Dumpling Soup

I roasted a local organic chicken, adding butter and water to the bottom of the roaster pan.  When the chicken was done, I strained the resulting juices to make chicken broth.  To the chicken broth, I added the following:

*Chicken chunks

*Chopped fresh kale & parsley (from my garden)

*Wild rice (precooked)

*Red potatoes (pre-boiled)


*Dumplings!  I beat 3 (MN grown!) eggs together and added Dakota Maid all-purpose flour to the mixture until reaching the desired stiff consistency.  Using a spoon, I added the concoction to my stew.

I brought the soup to a boil to set the dumplings, and then I let the soup simmer for ~20 minutes.  This soup was slightly blander than I’m used to.  I would generally add lots of black pepper, because I think that soup without it is a crime.  However, it turned out really nummy anyhow!

Fried Rice

I have been eating a slightly ridiculous amount of butter lately.  Here’s a prime example of a meal I made and LOVED while on the locavore diet.  I hit up my local farmer’s market for the first time this summer to acquire some of the main ingredients.

I heated a decent chunk of butter over the stove in a medium cast iron skillet.  Once it was sizzling, I added chopped onion (from our CSA) & green, banana, jalapeneo, & serrano pepper (from the farmer’s market).  I sauteed this mixture until the peppers and onion appeared soft.  I then pushed all of the veggies out to the sides to make an opening in the center.  I added more butter and precooked wild rice (~1 1/2 – 2 cups?).  I let it fry a bit and then pushed the rice toward the veggies, reopening the center space.  I added more butter (haha…see?  BUTTER!!!) and cracked 2 eggs in the middle.  I let them fry for a minute or so and flipped ’em.  Finally, I mixed everything together and then ate it while it was hot hot hot!  I had to blow my nose a couple of times while I ate it (’twas spicy!) but man was it good!

And for the final addition to my butter locavore diet 😀 …

Ridiculously Indulgent Breakfast/Dessert

*This is just a slight variation on the raw pancake recipe I provided in an earlier post.  Essentially, I ground up a bunch of flax seed.  I’d put some in a bowl, add a generous amount of butter, maple syrup or honey, and a heaping spoonful of peanut butter.  I’d heat it up in the microwave for ~30 seconds.  I then mixed the melted goodness together.  Depending on how much of everything you use, the consistency can turn out to be like a moist cereal or moldable breakfast bar of sorts.  OH…MY…GOD it’s delicious…and addicting.  Adding berries to the mixture makes it even more delicious, but just because it’s made with real food, I’m not going to pretend it’s the healthiest obsession I have these days…

Lessons Learned:  It’s amazing what you learn about your local environment when you attempt to subsist entirely off of it.  It’s a nice reminder that things like cinnamon, certain teas, & bananas are luxuries even though they are staples in many households.  I encourage everybody to take the challenge!  Try eating only locally grown foods for 1 week out of the year.  In addition to this, try to seek out local ingredients whenever possible.  Some people may not be ready to give up their daily coffee but could still make a difference by purchasing their cream from a local dairy and/or their sugar from a local mill.  Baby steps to a better planet!

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