The description below is what I wrote when I first began my experiment back in 2012.  To see what I’m up to these days, check out this post: https://thehungryguineapig.wordpress.com/2018/06/19/im-back-baby-but-please-hold-the-baby-back-ribs/

I am a registered dietitian with a full-time job in a completely irrelevant field (librarian).  I needed a project to help me feel justified in the time and money spent on a college education.  I have decided to spend the entire year of 2012 experimenting with various diets in the interest of gaining dietetic empathy and hopefully, some personal insight as well.  All dietitians (whether they admit it or not) are OBSESSED with food.  Many have eating disorders and most have disordered eating habits (although I could argue that most Americans do as well…)  I am a self-proclaimed “foodie” and sweets addict.  I have been teased by coworkers as to the number of cookbooks I flip through on a daily basis.  Creating a yearlong commitment to structured eating should be enlightening as to some of the emotional, cultural, and social implications that shape diet.  These diets will focus on the challenge of following specific food restrictions or patterns of eating in the name of health, morality and/or religion.  I plan to carry out each diet for 1 month.  I do not expect to learn all that there is to know during this time-frame but simply to better understand what it means to have to make such adjustments.  I anticipate vicious food cravings, awkward social situations, and excessive ingredient label analysis (though all three of these already apply to my life).  The order of the diets will be left up to random fate.  I will be pulling a slip of paper out of a bag a week prior to each diet’s carryout date.  In this regard, it will more closely mimic the surprise and lack of choice those who are struck down with such conditions must deal with.  There are some diets (such as the locavore diet) in which this philosophy does not apply.  Overall, however, I feel this approach will best serve the purpose of the experiment.  Join me on my yearlong journey into a world of disciplined diets.  Then stay tuned for an upcoming book entitled (bet you can’t guess) “The Hungry Guinea Pig”!

**Awesome guinea pig pic portrayed in header from: http://www.cavymadness.com/careboysgirls.html**


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